Hawthorne Performance System

HawthorneMenuThe traditional performance review process is flawed and potentially destructive to your goal of improving talent management. Employee engagement isn’t just a bullet point on an annual report,€“ it’€™s a critical part of the continuous effort to enhance the performance of your workforce.

Hawthorne Services offers a broad array of options to assist with your employee performance management needs. Take advantage of a free consultation to discuss your current employee performance process, and explore the options best suited to your needs.

Our robust cloud-based solution allows flexibility in all aspects of the review process: appraisal formats, workflow structure, evaluation criteria, rating scales, scheduling and administration, and others. The benefits to your organization are many, including minimized legal risk, enhanced employee performance, reduced administrative costs, and comprehensive reporting.

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Hawthorne 360

Hawthorne360chart2360 Feedback Solutions come in several shapes and sizes. Hawthorne Services offers the Checkpoint 360 from Profiles International, and a customizable offering, the Hawthorne 360.

The Checkpoint 360 has a standard set of reports based on a reliable and proven methodology for measuring leadership skills. A Sales Checkpoint 360 is also available; it is a powerful tool for measuring the effectiveness of the sales team.

When it comes to measuring performance, the Hawthorne 360 is a fully customizable 360 feedback solution that is simple to implement yet provides detailed reporting options. We work with you to build a customized question set that addresses your unique needs.

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